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a) Cancellation: Confirmed bookings (where the provider of the service has agreed in writing to accept the work and not accept other work for the agreed dates) are subject to a 50% cancellation fee of up to two weeks. A booking will be considered confirmed if not cancelled in writing 5 business days before commencement.

b) Hiatus/Suspensions: Any interruption to work must be agreed in advance by both parties and will be subject to a minimum 50% retainer and based on the average fee paid in the preceding month, including any kit fees or overtime.

c) Termination: A minimum of one week in writing for both parties.

d) Payment terms: Within 14 days of invoice or the next scheduled payroll run, whichever is the sooner. Payment after 30 days is subject to statutory late payment charge and interest.

e) Working week: Will consist of 5 days of up to 10 hours per day unless otherwise agreed.

f) Insurance: Any items provided by the client or hired to the client must be covered by the company’s insurance. Travel insurance must be provided by the client for international bookings.