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Agreement to terms

a) Cancellation: Confirmed bookings (where the provider of the service has agreed in writing to accept the work and not accept other work for the agreed dates) are subject to a 50% cancellation fee of up to two weeks. A booking will be considered confirmed if not cancelled in writing 5 business days before commencement. If cancelled within 24 hours of commencement, a 100% cancellation fee for the booking will apply.

b) Hiatus/Suspensions: Any interruption to work must be agreed in advance by both parties and will be subject to a minimum 50% retainer and based on the average fee paid in the preceding month, including any kit fees or overtime.

c) Termination: A minimum of one week in writing for both parties.

d) Payment terms: Within 14 days of invoice or the next scheduled payroll run, whichever is the sooner. Payment after 30 days is subject to statutory late payment charge and interest.

e) Working week: Will consist of 5 days of up to 10 hours per day unless otherwise agreed.

f) Insurance: Any items provided by the client or hired to the client must be covered by the company’s insurance. Travel insurance must be provided by the client for international bookings.

Copyright and rights of use

Skyflicks owns the copyright to the images and videos in accordance with the Copyright Law.

If Skyflicks transfers the rights of use to its works, only the mere right of use is transferred in any case, unless expressly agreed otherwise. However, no property rights are transferred with the transmission of pictures or videos. Any transfer of rights of use, in particular to third parties, requires a special agreement. This also includes other production companies/videographers, group companies or subsidiaries.

In the context of the exploitation of the pictures, Skyflicks may, unless otherwise agreed, demand to be named as the authors of the works. Violation of the right to be named entitles Skyflicks to compensation.

The designation “Video: Skyflicks” must be stated in every publication directly under the picture/video or in the imprint. In the case of publications on internet platforms, in particular “social media” in the broadest sense (e.g.;;;, including their subdomains and links from other countries to their “”), which have “share” and “link” functions, Skyflicks must be linked as far as possible. This applies in particular to Skyflicks’ websites at; or

Any other use, exploitation, duplication, dissemination or publication is subject to a charge and requires the express prior consent of Skyflicks. This applies in particular to secondary exploitation or secondary publication, publication on the internet and in social media, in particular in product brochures, in advertising measures or other reprints, any editing, modification or reworking of the image or video material. Changes to the image or video material by editing, compilation or electronic means to create a new copyrighted work are only permitted with the prior written consent of Those Youngbloods. In addition, the image or video material may not be copied, recreated or otherwise used as a motif.

Notwithstanding the scope of the rights of use granted in individual cases, Skyflicks reserves the right to use the images in its own advertising (e.g. in showreels, on the homepage or in its own accounts, even if trademarks, business designations or logos of the customer’s companies or other protected signs are recognisable in this context.